Speed dating hci method

Online crowdsourcing has the potential to change this.

Author Keywords Ubiquitous computing; vision; design fiction; forecasting; futures; scenarios; teleology.

Citation Context ..as utopian versus dystopiansinterpretations of ubicomp envisioning (e.g., [27]).

Population-based approaches offer one technique for practicallysaddressing this in scenario design. =-=[14]-=-ssuggest one such population-based participatory approachsfor design in an uncertain environment, involving sketchingsmultiple alternative fictional scenarios and subsequentlysexploring them, discardi... As a discipline evolves, intellectual issues come into focus, and the outcomes of systematic inquiry grow in importance.

Fulfilling this obligation is especially difficult in classroom settings, which often lack authentic interaction with the outside world.

Our research explores if and how online crowds can support student learning in the classroom.

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