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She had spent the weekend going to parties and had had a great time.

He was a nice guy, good looking and would be going to college in the Fall. She then told Jared about the party and asked if he would like to go with her. ————————————————————————————— Heather could feel herself getting excited as she put on make up. She focused on putting on her base now and then would add the final make up in the car. Little Bro, will you please come with me to the party? " Michael sighed, slowly closed his book and stood up. I will for you." Heather told her parents that as Maddie wasn't dating anyone, she had invited Michael to tag alone to get to know her better.They talked about the parties while Heather brushed her shoulder length strawberry blond hair.Maddie wasn't a great friend, but they got along well enough that Maddie was going to be Heather's roommate at college in the Fall.Heather hadn't told her parents about the party; instead had told them instead that she was going over to Maddie's house to visit. We were yelling and screaming at each other so loud that we didn't hear my Mom come home. Talk to you later." She had finished the call with Jared as quickly as she could. He had been reading that since graduation and hadn't gone to any parties. " "I couldn't find anyone else on such short notice," Heather whispered back. It was Michael or not come." The kitchen/dining area was where everyone was hanging out and talking. All were popular, good looking guys she knew from her classes.Maddie's parents didn't know about the party and the house had to be clean and empty by the time they got home at . When she heard us fighting, she grounded both of us for a week." "Jared, that is terrible! She hurriedly called Maddie right away to tell her about Jared. You can't come by yourself and I have everything planned for six couples. " Heather ended the call and started looking at her contacts. " She set down her phone and joined her Mom, Dad and twin brother Michael for dinner. Both of them would be going to a college in the Fall, though Michael had gotten a full merit scholarship to a university that had rejected her. Her Mom and Dad wanted to hear all about her and Michael's days. Heather would be happy going on a date with any of them. He was like the guy in the video for "You Belong With Me"."For the next part, each girl and guy are going to kiss for thirty seconds.Here is everyone's big chance to try before they buy.She had on a T-shirt that hugged her C-cup breasts, but that didn't show her flat stomach. " Heather was 17 minutes older than Michael and always referred to him as "Little Bro" when it was just the two of them. They said goodbye to her parents and headed out the door.Heather wanted to look nice for the party, but not too obviously nice or her parents would ask questions. I got in my fight with my little sister today, a very bad fight. She went and saw that Michael had been reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Michael drove and when they arrived, Maddie greeted them at the door. As Maddie escorted them back to the kitchen area, she whispered to Heather, "You brought your brother? There was Nathan Wilkerson, Connor Barnes, Zeke Archer and Eric Woolery.If Michael borrowed money from her, he paid it back with 10% interest. Heather excused herself from Michael, Eric and Becky and started to look for Jason. All the other girls at the party had asked her the same thing with the same tone.When she needed Michael to help her with some homework, she had to negotiate with him which of his chores she would do as payment. "No," said her Mom, "this involves you and we don't want to be yelling up to your room all evening." It was before Heather got up to her room. Heather noticed Maddie giving her an evil look, like she had something wicked planned for Heather. She told Maria about Jared backing out at the last minute.

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