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Akių klinika, also known as Lirema, is one of the leading eye surgery clinics in Lithuania.

While business development in other Baltic countries was ongoing, their websites also needed improvement and development.

In addition we optimized their product import and management processes so there would be less human work involved in the maintenance.

We enriched the buying experience of site users with external data aggregation and crawling so more accurate information about the products would be provided.

Now we are supporting the product and adding new features or functions if necessary.

Opinodo enables publishers to create a recurring income referring audience to participate in market research surveys.

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At the same time a new product was being developed.

Managers hope they’ll never have to deal with their current IT system’s improvement, but the fact is that it does happen.

Together with Otto, we’ve been refining their existing IT system and functions, optimising the system for faster performance.

All data was transferred from old website and customized for a new place.

Cooperating with SEO agency, we optimized website for higher ranking in search engines.

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