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Pardon the pun, but let Cynthia Nixon set something absolutely straight: she may not view bisexuality as a conscious choice, but her choosing a homosexual relationship over a heterosexual one absolutely was.

The co-star of HBO's iconic "Sex And The City" ensemble cast and its following two movies brought the heat of gay activists upon herself when she recently told the New York Times "I understand that for many people [homosexuality is not a choice], but for me it's a choice, and you don't get to define my gayness for me.

She sometimes finds herself caught between her inner desires and the social expectations of modern, liberated women.

Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, is an uptight lawyer who represents the voice of reason.

All of a sudden you find yourself with an undeterminable amount of time and all your favorite shows are on break and everywhere you go, your eyes just fucking love finding every.single.

Sex and the City is the iconic HBO series starring Sarah Jessica Parker as journalist Carrie Bradshaw.

The show immediately captured the attention of women when it premiered in 1998.

It was the first time that women over the age of 30 had a show that spoke directly to them.

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(Santa/God/if anyone’s listening: Please send me, Mr. Anyway, I digress (and go fetch another bottle from the liquor store) the holidays are a time to spend with your loved ones, reflect a little on the year past, and to be grateful for what you already have.Kristin Davis plays Charlotte, who is pure and innocent.She is often shocked by the uncouth manners of New Yorkers, and she has trouble figuring out how to have casual relationships. This year has been one hell of a tumultuous roller coaster.Earlier this year I was under the impression that I was going to get engaged to my boyfriend, move to sunny L. with him, land a dream job, lose 15 lbs, grow 5 inches-(ok so that will realistically never happen) and become the limber yoga-expert-turned-aspiring-actress complete with permanently perfect beachy mermaid waves and kohlrabi-gin and tonics in hand. Here I am, with two weeks to go before the year is over still sitting on the same broken futon, still in the same apartment in NY that I lived with my ex for the past three years, still schlepping the same nightmarish commute to the same cubicle at work; the bottom of this wine bottle staring jarringly back at me.She outfitted the actresses in clothes that had nothing to do with prevailing trends and subsequently started a large number of them.Manolo Blahnik shoes were virtually unknown until Carrie announced her obsession with them.BUT that’s not to say my life’s in shambles, because it’s actually quite the opposite!Yes, I was devastated and heartbroken when my relationship ended (yada, yada, yada), but I was also relieved and ready to get me back.Big) Sometimes I have moments when I have a good hair day and my lipstick isn’t smeared and I’m strutting down Park and Madison where I feel very Carrie, only to step into a puddle of gross, muddy backed-up subway drainage, trip and fall. And I am, despite all that has happened to me (and a whole lot has happened) and it won’t matter if I’ll have a hot midnight kiss on NYE or getting wet nose kisses from my dog, because I already got the greatest gift this year-I got myself back. This is why I could never justify buying or even the thought of wearing any Manolo Blahniks.

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