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Looking at the corpses, Mulder comments that the Sheriff's chest is "one big hematoma" and the Peacocks "really went 'caveman' on them." Reading the lab results, Scully claims that the Federal Crime Lab "screwed up." The results show many of the gene imbalances she had suspected, but to an extent she didn't imagine possible.

They also suggest that both parents of the baby were members of the Peacock family, which Scully doesn't understand because no one has seen a female Peacock family member in years.

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The Peacocks arrive with Johnny Mathis' "Wonderful, Wonderful" blasting, waking the already spooked Sheriff, who tells his wife to hide under the bed.Suspecting the birth mother may be a kidnapped woman, the duo proceed to the Peacock residence where they knock on the door.Mulder is about to enter but Scully exclaims that they have no probable cause.Eager for vengeance, Paster tells Mulder and Scully he will provide back-up to save the supposed missing woman, whom they believe could have given birth to the baby.The FBI agents cannot understand why the Taylors were murdered at all, since no one could have known about the warrants.Inspecting the corpse, Scully comments to Mulder that "it looks as if this child has been affected by every rare birth defect known to science." After a cursory examination in the police station's bathroom (because there is no morgue), they discover that the baby suffocated by inhaling dirt, indicating it was buried alive.Following the autopsy, Mulder and Scully talk outside the police station.When they arrive at the scene, Scully is already taking notes and Mulder is sniffing a baseball that the children left at the scene, reminiscing about time spent at Martha's Vineyard with his sister, Samantha.After Scully comments on the community she jokes that Mulder might go into "catatonic schizophrenia" without his cell phone.Scully believes the child is not a result of a freak accident in mating and must have been inbred as Sheriff Taylor suggested.Scully and Mulder consider this as a seemingly impossible feat, however, since the Peacocks are known to be an all-male household.

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