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He heard, or thought he heard, the voices of people and the sound of a trumpet: he noticed the recently cut notches, five feet asunder, on the bark of the trees, and he saw the smoke of fires.

He inferred that they possessed some unusual method of climbing, or that their stature was gigantic.

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Labillardière having landed, with several companions, proceeded towards a lake; hearing human voices, they followed the direction of the sound; the sudden cry of the natives induced them to return for their arms.

Thus the females were most numerous, and the rising generation nearly one-third more than the adults.

They were generally healthy; one only suffered from cutaneous disease, one from a defect of vision, and several from slight wounds.

The intercourse was hostile and left traces of blood; and to this may be attributed the absence of the natives when Furneaux appeared on the coast.

[1777.] The descriptions of Cook are founded on his own observations, and are, on the whole, favorable to the natives.

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