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Many disliked using a condom because it drew attention to this wilting problem ( The researchers suggest that, to make things easier for yourself, you should not try to pinch the teat at the end of the condom as you put it on.They found that pinching the teat makes no difference to the likelihood of the condom breaking or slipping off during intercourse.He ejaculated outside two times before in two different condoms, then he took a shower and put on a new condom.

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If you find a condom slips off, you probably assume it is too large for you. If the condom is too tight you probably aren't unrolling it fully down the penis.

Condom manufacturers never mention this problem in their leaflets.

They simply tell you to unroll it onto the hard, erect penis, and preferably to pinch the teat or closed end to keep it empty at the same time.

To do this properly, you need three hands or the assistance of a cooperative partner.

It is no wonder that a survey conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia – which asked men about what really happened when they used condoms – found that two-thirds of them sometimes or often lost their erection while trying to put the condom on, so it was then impossible to put it on properly.

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