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Another fact: Flash is insanely blinding and disruptive. Did you go somewhere recently that you'd rather not have anyone find out about?Go to Settings Notifications to choose your notification preferences for each app.Turning off all your notifications would save the most battery, but chances are, you still want to get notifications from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.11.

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Of course, turning off Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode saves the most battery.The Panasonic Micro 4/3 camera will make you look far more attractive than a Canon DSLR, which in turn is better than a Nikon or Sony DSLR.And forget about cameraphones: Android, Nokia, Black Berry and Windows phones all make you look less attractive, with Motorola phones at the absolute bottom of the list.So if you wanted an excuse to buy a fancier camera with a bigger lens, OK Cupid's got all the rationale you need.As for switching from Android or Black Berry to an i Phone? Unlike with the photos, it's hard to tell whether i Phone use is the cause, or the effect, of having more notches in one's bedpost.Make sure your laptop is on when charging your phone through your laptop. If your laptop is off, closed, or in standby mode when your phone is plugged into it, it'll drain your phone battery.12. Fact: No one has ever looked good in an i Phone photo taken with flash. To put your phone in Airplane Mode go to Settings Airplane Mode.9. Using 4G or LTE takes up the most battery, so when you're hanging at your friend's house, why not ask her for her Wi-Fi password? Turn off notifications for apps you don't care about.You probably don't want to receive pesky notifications from most apps: Yes, I know my matches are about to expire on Bumble, and no, I do not care.You'd be surprised how many nonessential apps, like games, use a ton of battery, and you can change your habits by looking at what's draining your battery. Background App Refresh is a setting that allows apps to get updated with the latest content while you're not using them. It's an awesome feature because it keeps your phone current, but it takes up a lot of battery life. Our own government might be tracking our every move, but we don't have to give away our whereabouts to big corporations if we don't want to.It's also a place where you can reevaluate your life decisions. You'd be surprised how many apps — like the selfie app Bestie, Facebook, Shazam, and Google News — want to know your location. You can turn off all location services on top, but you probably don't want to do that for apps that require your location to work like Google Maps and Tinder. Most people don't use Bluetooth very often, and thus, it doesn't need to be on.

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