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LISTEN TO SHOW ARCHIVES HERE, SEE STATION LINEUP, and MORE... 2 Iain Murray, vice president for strategy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, exposes the continued overreach of the Environmental Protection Agency that now wants to regulate wood-burning stoves in people’s homes and backyard grills.

Share this page with others via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more Freedom & Prosperity Radio is an informative, controversial, and humorous talk radio show focused on state and national politics from a Virginia perspective. Senator Mike Lee (Utah), chairman of the Senate Steering Committee who also serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Armed Services Committee, and the Joint Economic Committee, discusses his recently released book, . Wouldn’t we all be better off if we took the environmentally sensitive alternative and just composted the EPA?

Who is the Governor truly representing: the special interests who support him politically or the inner city children of limited means who are still trapped in a subpar public school system?

Why are Virginia Republicans so afraid to stand for parental choice that they emasculate education reform in committee?

Why are gun owners so much safer from government intervention in the more rural counties? D., senior fellow with the Cato Institute, discusses two of his articles: “If You Want Real ‘Social Justice,’ Support Free Markets and Small Government”; and “Obama’s Technically Not a Socialist but He Won’t Like How Thomas Sowell Describes His Philosophy.” Daniel J.

Can Northern Virginia continue to be a safe place to live if no one there is armed?

I suppose we just chalk it up to more progressive support of blatant corporatism or does the city-counsel just hate Capitalism so much that they actually prefer drunk driving? Davidson also details the major operating differences between taxi services and ridesharing and the core failures in the progressive and corporate arguments against the wonderfully innovative companies that will now be dropping riders off at the Travis county line. 2 Full Program Robert Everett Johnson, an attorney with the Institute for Justice, discusses the latest developments in the Lyndon Mc Lellan asset forfeiture case in North Carolina.

Is there a reason public schools require so much more money per child when they accomplish so little? Mc Auliffe truly believes that he knows what’s better for our children than we do? In a wide-ranging interview, Bishop Jackson discusses the tragedy in Charleston; how we can prevent violence in “gun-free zones” like churches, malls and schools; and, what we must do as a people to have a nation and a culture worth preserving. This page contains audio archives of the show, which broadcasts on select radio stations in Virginia every weekend. In the past, if the Virginia Department of Transportation made an offer for a Virginia citizen’s property, and then months later made a totally different offer only days before the case went to court, the first offer was prohibited from being admitted into evidence. Freedom & Prosperity Radio is presented by Virginia's most successful advocate for small government, free markets, and free people, Tertium Quids, and is hosted by Joe Thomas. Select the method you want to use to subscribe to this feed via the drop down menu. Waldo & Lyle argued that this practice concealed relevant information/evidence from the jury that it would need to make an informed decision. Does the infeasibility, and potential hazard, of progressive gun tracing and collection schemes warrant an end to the gun control debate? 2 Reagan George, president of the Virginia Voters Alliance, discusses voter fraud in Virginia. With nearly 400 million privately owned guns and an estimated 12 trillion rounds of ammunition (enough to shoot a million rounds every day for nearly 3000 years), maybe we can feel safe in the statistical improbability that even the UN can affect any real change in the 2nd Amendment. What has happened to those who registered to vote in multiple states? Rule 1: If anything goes wrong, white racism is to blame; and Rule 2: Free speech should only apply to those who believe and abide by Rule 1. This “no we can’t till whites let us” mentality has even been brought up by celebrities (and we all know how in touch they seem to be). 2 John Moody, executive director of the Food-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, discusses the Wyoming Food Freedom Act which makes Wyoming the first state in the nation to pass legislation protecting private commerce for food. Selecting “Live Bookmarks” will add it to the current browser bookmarks, or you can choose your preferred RSS application on your computer. Then click “Subscribe Now.” If you use Microsoft Outlook and are viewing this window in Internet Explorer, clicking on the button will automatically open Outlook and allow you to add the RSS feed to it., talks to us about his recent snafu with Virginia Tech. The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the first offer can be admitted into evidence, thus setting a very important precedent going forward. There are two rules to the race debate in today’s America, and black parents should be more worried than anyone else. Apparently, even those who have not fully paid their debts to society, who are still serving their sentences through probation can now vote and serve on juries. Even more spectacular, Delegate Bell reports that if they happen to be re-entered into attendance in Virginia’s penal system for some violation of probation, they (currently) retain their rights to vote and sit on a jury. Is a follow-up bestseller on Virginia’s Governor Terry Mc Auliffe in the works?

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