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Four bids were received for an all class format and two of those were bid the following week (the Board was concerned with making weight another week and two weeks between divisional and state).One bid was from Billings using three sites on Friday and bringing everything back to the Expo center on Saturday (the concern is the Expo Center only has 4300 seats and the usual crowd is over 6,000 on Saturday night).We hope that you will be able to join us this year. Fort Peck - The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) isconducting a public meeting to discuss a proposal to widen andresurface the existing roadway with areas of reconstruction toimprove sight distance and safety.The project begins at thejunction of Highway 24 near Fort Peck, and proceeds northeast on Highway 117 approximately 13 miles to the junction with US 2 in Nashua.MDTstaff will contact all affected landowners prior to doing survey workon their land.Staff will again contact landowners prior toconstruction regarding property acquisition and temporaryconstruction permits.The fourth all class bid site would not have the seating capacity either.· The Board decided to separate the tournaments and only two bids were received for the B-C tournament – Glasgow and Hamilton.· The Board evaluated both bids and selected Hamilton because of the larger seating capacity in their facility and the availability of hotel rooms in Hamilton and more importantly in the area (Missoula 47 miles) with many properties.It was a difficult decision for our Board between the two cities; Glasgow is an outstanding wrestling community with extremely supportive administration (Glenn, Marj and Willie).

Proposed work includes widening the roadway and resurfacing with aplant mix surfacing overlay, chip-seal, new pavement markings, newsignage, and new roadside reflectors. The completed roadway will be paved with afinished top width of 28 feet.It is the MHSA Executive Board and MHSA staff’s hope that member schools realize the Board followed a very specific process with long and thoughtful deliberation in making this decision, honoring the two bids that were submitted on time for the Class B-C tournament and making a decision to award the tournament after evaluating both bids thoroughly.On behalf of the MHSA Executive Board thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. The coffee and other refreshments will be on along with a lot of visiting time.Hamilton has a top-rated facility (see attached photographs and information on tournaments managed listed below) and has been home to many state girls basketball tournaments and invitational and divisional wrestling events over the years with excellent reviews from teams, coaches and fans.Also their administration is very experienced in tournament management (Darrell and Kevin).Alyson Reddig is the new executive director of Two Rivers Economic Growth.Alyson isa business entrepreneur with non-profit administration and business managementexperience, as well as an activist with a state and federal advocacy backgroundincluding national-award winning program development for advocacy leadership.Construction is tentatively planned for 2014, depending on completionof design and availability of funds.New right-of way and relocation of utilities will be required.The Board reviewed all options and after lengthy, thoughtful deliberation determined moving the wrestling tournament sites would be in the best interest of the sport for this year.A brief timeline of the decision making process is as follows: · Concerns are expressed that the Metra Park repairs would not be completed in its entirety by the scheduled date for the All Class Wrestling Tournament (Feb 11-12).· During an August conference call of the Executive Board the Board called for contingency bids for the All Class Wrestling Tournament and State Class A Boys’ Basketball Tournament.· Attached is the memo that called for contingency bids.

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