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Ok, that could be a stretch, but for the sake of this article and how forthcoming they were, I'm calling them some of the greatest guys in the country. Maybe that's a case of 'selective-researching,' but I prefer to think of it as going to the World Book of Encyclopedias of Men. But all guys will sleep with you immediately if given the chance.

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Q: What qualities do you admire most about your wife/girlfriend/fiancée? She takes care of me better than I take care of myself.

"Good sense of humor, well traveled, likes to eat (a rare quality these days), and drinks beer instead of fancy cocktails. If we are assigned a task early in the conversation, we won't shut down.

She's simple, real, natural and comfortable with herself." -Michael K., 33, New York City, Video Producer/Editor, Engaged "Intelligence and common sense." -Bob M. Which is what Tony must have been when he was answering this question! Well, he made a great point about not starting off a serious conversation by saying 'we need to talk,' but I was waiting to hear what you should say instead! I'll ask Tony, but in the meantime, I'm curious to hear what other guys think, and also, if women who have been in similar positions can relate a successful way that they have accomplished a successful talk.) "Most guys are black and white and we naturally want to fix things.

No more of this 'I feel fat' or 'I'm so fat, you just want to see the skinny girls at the gym' type of stuff. Guys are terrible guessers, so if you want something, tell us." -Bob M.

"When she doesn't make the fake, reach-for-her-purse move at the end of a date.

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