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As lots of women do come to Jamaica in search of “exotic” romance, many locals will inevitably assume that single female travellers have come here to find a man – or several.

The news that you’re not will often be greeted with incredulity, and the semi-professional gigolos (and full-blown male prostitutes) who work the resorts will do their best to get you to change your mind.

Local language documents need translated: All documents should be accompanied by English translations.

Medical Examination Fee: 0.00 US but it varies greatly.

My fiancée received his K1 visa a few weeks after the interview due to missing paperwork at the interview. Thank you Rapidvisa for your excellent work from the very start to the very end on helping my fiancé receiving her K1 visa we are both appreciated your wonderful services and we will continue using your service on to the next chapter on doing the adjustment of status...thank you A hearty thank you to Rapidvisa for such a tremendous work.

It would have been sooner if he had all of his documents at the embassy interview. Thanks to Rapid Visa, we had everything we needed and they helped us with everything along the way. It was truly a great journey and a wonderful experience. It took me approximately 4 months to get through with this process, if it hadn't for Rapidvisa this process wouldn't be so easy.

For more information contact J-Flag, the Jamaican gay and lesbian support group (754 2130, 379 9834,

Embassy appointment scheduling method: You may make a nonimmigrant visa appointment for most visa categories using one of the phone numbers listed below. If you prefer to schedule your visa appointment online, please visit our self-service website.

Please call between 08, Mondays through Fridays, except on Jamaican or U. Medical appointment scheduling method: By calling the approved physicians assigned Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: 4 Number of photos required for Medical Examination: 4 Certificate(s) of No-Impediment to Marriage Required: Yes This certificate can be obtained from the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

The vast majority of Jamaicans are practising Christians, far more likely to spend Sunday mornings in church than recovering from the night before.

Jamaica can be quite a paradoxical place; it’s fine to turn up at a sound-system party wearing little more than a few strips of fabric, but wear your bikini anywhere away from the beach and you’re likely to cause offence.

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