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I see one of them behind one of the bar counters, but she's been impaled on what seems to be a spit-roasting device, similar to what they have for chicken behind the meat counter at our local grocery store. He hands the men some cash and cuffs her through the cage before they unlock it to let him take her out. At some point, the man selling my daughter pushes his finger into her pussy and announces that she's still a virgin.

He slams the door shut and gets into the driver's seat. " I glance at Abby who's turned in her seat to watch what's going on. Holding it in two fingers, I see it begin to grow as I move my mouth toward it. That's a good slut..." I feel his hand on the back of my head. " I start to pull back, but he holds my head still with his hand. Just suction." I start to suck as hard as I can, unable to breathe with his dick deep in my throat. "Heh, maybe you're not as good at this as I thought..." Hearing that, I immediately move my head toward his dick, but he presses his hand against my forehead."How many pieces would you like to be in right now? " I swallow the spit in my mouth and his brings the knife to my skirt. There's a stage in the middle with a few women dancing naked on poles. That makes me think they plan on selling us." "Selling us?! At 34, I'm the oldest here, and the only mother.He cuts through the fabric and tosses it onto the ground. They each have one ankle handcuffed to the pole they're on. As I'm pushed through the crowd, a lot of the men look at me or not far behind me. When we get to the back of the room, a security guard opens a door behind him and lets us through. Once the door shuts behind us, I can barely hear the music. Three of the cages have naked crying women in them. ", one of the other girls almost shouts, "Oh, god no..." "You don't belong here Abby. You're still young and have most of your life to look forward to." "None of us belong here, Mom." We chat a bit more with the other girls, talking about anything other than our current situation, to try to take our minds off of it. After a while, the men come back and take us out of the room.I look back at Abby and realize that we'll probably be separated. Turning back to Abby, her cage is being moved to the center. The bartender and a few security guards come onto the stage. The men selling us unlock the cage and the security guards grab her limbs and hold her still.The bartender takes the knife and slices her belly open. She's all I have, and they're going to kill her right in front of me.I watch the woman's dead body as it finishes draining, swaying slightly.When Master comes back, I watch as he slices her into cuts of meat.I hear numbers, but I don't look at the men shouting them. I tighten my ass, but he uses his other hand to pull my cheeks open and force his manhood through my anus. He slaps my ass a few times and remarks about how red my skin gets when he slaps it. It's not that I'm trying to defy my new Master, but I'm just so exhausted, physically and mentally, that I can barely react anymore. As her parent, it's somehow my fault that my own daughter's dead. He then wraps something tightly around my left leg. He has a scalpel, sutures, and some metal thing which he plugs in. Then he unfastens my other three limbs and removes the ballgag from my mouth.Eventually they finish bidding and I feel cuffs around my hands and ankles. "I want you to imagine my cock is the spit that impaled your daughter." He continues fucking my ass, without any lubricant at all. My daughter's skin goes from a pale white, like mine, to red, to a golden brown. He pulls me up off the table by my hair and forces me down onto my knees. He slaps me across the face and puts his dick up to my lips. " I look at his dick for a second and slowly begin to suck on it and lick it. He brings me over to the bar as they're sliding they're carving the first slices of my daughter's meat. " I see other people ordering cuts of meat and the bartender slicing them off my daughter like she's some kind of animal. As my leg gets very numb, it feels heavy and starts to hurt. I can see myself strapped to the table in the mirror on the ceiling. If you continue to be a good slut, I'll do the same to another of your limbs." As he speaks, he pulls off the tourniquet. "Thank you, Master." He smiles and rubs my head again. Master lets me eat some, but eats most of it himself over the next week.These people must be the most sadistic scum on the planet. If she's beautiful, she gets what she wants regardless of her intelligence. We're all whores, really, though so many of us pretend that we're not.One of the security guards hands the bartender a couple more rods, which are thinner. You can no longer get pregnant." "How could I have slept through surgery? He explains all the ways that we deserve this fate.

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  1. I used to wonder if Goku really did love Chi Chi and the end of Dragon Ball GT actually made me furious because he completely abandoned his family and friends with only Vegeta and Master Roshi knowing his true intentions but I will just focus on DBZ because my hate for GT would blind me and send me off topic. He is a free spirit who can never be tied down and as the show progresses you see that Chi Chi starts to cherish the moments he spends with her even more and comes to terms with him coming and going.