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At the café, a homeless man touches a plate of food (after the diners tell him he can have some) before having it grabbed away by the restaurant’s politely peeved hostess.Back in the kitchen, workers wonder aloud in Spanish why the man couldn’t just be allowed to eat the food he’d touched. The sentiment is understandable; the delivery, though, is a bit dramatic, especially given that he’s talking to someone who’s doing work by visiting him. The client looks offended: “I’m not able to ‘be in this together’ with anyone until I calm the fuck down.” His request is for a strain that’ll turn his brain “off.”From there, we follow that client’s roommate, Cody, who’s on a weight-loss journey. Our dealer (“The Guy”) awakes from a dream about losing his mighty beard, which leads to banter in bed with his girlfriend, Beth. Something bad happened.”Whatever that something is—we never find out—it’s very bad. The first client we see is blubbering on his couch, a blanket around his shoulders, complaining that his bosses want him to come in today. “It’s a phantasmagoria of despair out there.” The Guy tells him that people are actually being really nice on the street today.On 25 October 2016, the Empire News web site published an article detailing the supposed arrest of a Nebraska man who had engaged in a vigilante killing spree during which he murdered more than 30 registered sex offenders over a span of 15 years: Man Arrested After Going On Murder Spree, Killing Over 30 Registered Sex Offenders A Nebraska man was arrested after he was caught in the act of strangling someone to death in an alley outside of a Omaha Mc Donald’s, police say.

“Started when I was 26 or so, after a girl I was dating was raped and murdered. I realized I had a real knack for it after that, so I kept going.” Empire News is intended for entertainment purposes only. “Money Money Money” by Bomba Estéreo cues in the soundtrack. The show’s always scanning across the segments of urban life, conveying that each person you see on the street is living through their own little TV dramedy. “Yeah, that makes sense,” Beth replies, lighting her bong.So: Most of the characters in the episode come across as pretty self-involved.But the broader point is underscored in a few encounters between the Brooklyn bourgeoisie and others.A woman loudly complains that her therapist was too shaken up to work today, and then without a hint of remorse has the waiter bus a dish of uneaten truffle fries.Later that night, the buzz at the restaurant turns to the broader political environment—but with fevered conspiracy theories, rhetorical bickering over whether Nazi Germany analogies are acceptable, and air-headed speculation that comedians and artists now have great material to work with.And the only thematic statement that “Globo” makes, on its surface, is that different people are going to react to horror in different ways. Emotionally, the episode plays as an almost unmitigated bummer—and that’s not simply because it’s about tragedy, and that’s even in spite of a zany sexual subplot and a cheery ending.For however connected the pot-on-demand population is to the headlines via their phones, they’ve internalized the ethos of “self-care” beyond any productive end.The episode ends as the diverse riders of a late-night subway car bat around the balloon that Luiz brought for his son.It’s a heart-fluttering moment to finish with, packing the message that life goes on, and that people of different backgrounds can unite.

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