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Yes, the song has a certain amount of production to it, but it is still essentially Adam. Hot, crazy, throw-you-against-the-nearest-hard-surface sex that you didn’t know what you wanted until you’ve had it and now you can’t get enough.Those runs and wails at the end….well, they did things for me. Now, if you can get past this (and it took me a while) I think there is also a little bit of a metaphor in there.

I love lyrics, I love words, I love layers of meaning, I love how just a few words can create a whole scene, or an entire world, in your head, add that to the actual music and you add in so many more permutations and layers and then they way Adam says certain words, the way certain sounds are stressed or not stressed and I am in heaven. Thank you to all of Adam Lambert’s generous and giving fans who have donated to Donors to help the children during the first week of this charity drive! We still have a lot of work to do, there are so many projects that need funding so that the children will have the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts.So, since I didn’t buy them, I’m gonna donate what they would have cost to donorschoose.” needacoke from TALC “I am going to a friends house tonight for snacks and Champagne—she saw some figs at Fresh Market yesterday and got the wild hair to try and recreate the prosciutto wrapped roasted figs we had in NC. Turn your unused gift card into a Donors Giving Card at Plastic Jungle: Plastic Jungle for Donors customers Then redeem it to support a classroom project that inspires you.” Rosie’s charity challenge is brilliant!All I have to take is cheese and crackers so I will donate the difference in what I would have paid for a nice meal to donorschoose. Each and everyone of us can find a way to give up something today to make a difference in the lives of children all across America.In the e-mail I just got from donorschoose, it said: P. Remember, if we don’t help these children, they will not have the opportunity to experience the arts in their schools.Any amount you can spare will make a difference, but please give.he’s changing the music industry as we know it…all he wants to do is “entertain us” yeah right buddy…i’m on to you …and i love it lol!!!!!that’s why i’ve come to love the album title…again it’s that duality….he’s an entertainer at the core…but he’s so so so much more than that….i hope he never ever changes!!!!!BAM HIT YOU WITH MY MESSAGE YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE RECEIVING!!!…he is probably one of the smartest, gifted artists i have every witnessed…he’s in your face and in your head without you realizing it…to me, it’s not only a passionate song between two lovers…but also a song about an artist and the fans…an entertainer and his audience…. it’s in everything that he does…is always showing the different sides of himself…from the details photo spread, to the album cover, to the single cover, and now to this single….it’s all Adam!!!he’s here to entertain us…and he won’t stop until we’re amazed with his glitz and screaming his name…it’s just bloody genius…i love the duality of the lyrics…i also love how at the same time IT IS a sexy song about a passionate love affair…where he’s in control, and wants to get into your soul and never let go…if we really dissect these lyrics…they are actually quite beautiful…at the same time raw…sexy…in your face…a play between power and submission…soooo HOT!!! he IS all those people combined…me…all his career moves so far have been so complex under the original face value…he says he doesn’t wanna be deep…but he’s doing it in such a subtle way…it’s like “oh i’m just making music, i just want to entertain you”…..

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