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I’m a fan of activity dates and am glad we’re bowling. ) I don’t want to just stare at a stranger’s face while I swallow mediocre cocktails that have a slight fish-bowl odor. p.m.: Andrew tells me about his mom, who trains dogs. I realize it is a bad idea to get into a car with a stranger, and my defenses include sharing my location with a friend, knowing that I outweigh this person by at least 24 more pounds, and having a knife with my name engraved on it in my purse. p.m.: We order beers at the bowling-alley bar to drink, first. I realize that he’s the kind of guy who probably masturbates to the soundtrack, but I don’t tell him that. p.m.: There is a couple bowling next to us, and the woman leans over to tell me that they are bowling for the status of their relationship. (As a reward for winning, I put my scrunchie in his hair to air off his forehead.) p.m.: He asks if I would like another drink. We compromise on a sea-creature-themed bowling game. He is currently losing and looks extremely distressed about it. p.m.: I wonder if they met on Tinder. p.m.: Andrew and I begin to flirt in the hand-on-the-back, scrunchie-in-the-hair kind of way. I tell him he’s killed the make-out vibes. p.m.: I take my scrunchie out of his hair and venture to BART, where surely no one will ask me why I don’t want to come home with them (I hope).So you finally landed a date — hooray, you old fox! And as you map out the journey by air, land, and sea to this unknown hood that is light years way, you slowly realize that this isn’t going to work out..Your new boo suggests meeting up at a bar in Outer Richmond. Between their 9 to 5 job, their 5 to 9 side hustle, jujitsu, employer-mandated volunteering, and catching up with Netflix on the weekends, texting you back is probably the last thing on their to-do list.The food is delicious and the decor is definitely Instagram worthy.Additionally, if you do decide to get your coffee to go you can walk right around the corner and walk over to the park.

I want to see the way people move and react to losing, and interact with the old man in a cowboy hat. I tell him about a few of my favorite things, which include olives.

I secretly love bowling shoes and revel in the way they look against tights. p.m.: I decide I want bumpers to better bowl with, and Andrew copies me.

I tell him that there is a fine line between being completely logic driven and a sociopath. p.m.: We order another beer to pair with our bowling shoes and discover that we wear the same size.

Tony’s is one of the best pizza places in the city!

This joint gets quite a bit of foot traffic so make sure that you come with an appetite but not starving.

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  1. I can see the mountain, the banjo and even taste the bananas. I receive messages frequently but I do respond quickly. This guy likes to keep things short, and sweet yet what he writes about is compelling.