Sanaa lathan interracial dating movie

With this film and the completely different but also observant Queen Latifah comedy "Last Holiday," black women are being paid a kind of attention they deserve but rarely get in the movies.Yes, and it's fun, too: You'll laugh and maybe you'll have a few tears, that kind of stuff.

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And it shows Kenya's family and friends observing the relationship carefully and observing that it seems to work for her, for this driven woman who seemed to be unmarriageable. "The boy's just white," her father tells her mother.In the movie Something New, actress Sanaa Lathan plays Kenya, a gorgeous, high-strung executive who hates dogs and the outdoors.Simon Baker, one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 2002, plays Brian, a laid-back landscape architect who loves dogs and hiking.They have an argument in a grocery store that's real in a way love stories are rarely permitted to be. An IBM comes into the picture, a wealthy black professional (Blair Underwood) who says and does all the right things.How the movie finally ends will not be difficult to guess. "Something New" doesn't settle for formulas or easy answers.Like its heroine, it knows good reasons for dating within one's race.It knows about social pressure, and how it works both ways.She's pretty, but the movie doesn't rest on that; Lathan makes Kenya wary, protective, cautious.It's a performance that could have skated the surface but goes more deeply.It's able to observe Kenya and Brian in a mostly black social situation, where Brian calls her, correctly, on making "black" comments as a way of holding her white date at arm's length.Interesting, how it gives a fair hearing to both characters.

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