Sanaa lathan and denzel washington dating

It’s because there’s a part of them that is chasing that.“You can’t shut it out completely,” she adds, in reference to the media’s glare.People always present their best self in the beginning.I think a lot of people will be able to relate to what Leah goes through.” Lathan’s own approach to dating is one of patience — but she also believes you have to be open.Lathan: I've been in a couple with different races like Latino, white, Middle Eastern. Lathan: People are going to always have their opinions whether you date a black man or not. And, it's almost acceptable within our culture to be prejudiced toward whites because of our history. Because you know the inspiration for this movie was this Newsweek article that came out a couple of years ago that talks about 42.4 percent of black women in America aren't married. It doesn't necessarily have to be love but it's just about opening up and saying yes. Seeing what's there that might bring you your highest happiness.AP: Did you find any major differences between the cultures? I've had girlfriends, family members comment on black men that I've dated as well as white people. And if anybody doesn't fit that picture they're going to be like, 'Yeah, I didn't see you with him.' I remember after I dated this white man, nobody said anything but there was a couple of men in my family that joked after that. Hee hee hee.' And, you know, they laughed, and it was like light and a joke. Black women are shooting up the corporate ladder way faster than our black male counterparts.

And in many ways that's the theme of Lathan's personal love life as well. I could read it in one sitting which is very telling. There would be five brothers in the corner, and this is an awful feeling but you're holding his hand and you want to pull your hand away cause you don't want the judgment. AP: There was an article in Vibe which mentioned rumors about you and Denzel Washington.

It’s a tough juggling act but finding the balance is key.

“I just think you’ve got to take your time,” she says.

“You can’t go around being paranoid and guarded, but I think that it is important to take your time because time will reveal [the true person]. But I also think women and men, when they like somebody, they tend to overlook the warning signs. It’s about being really realistic with yourself and taking your time and also staying open.

It’s important to stay open.” , and her experience in the industry meant that production wasn’t foreign territory for her.

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