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The Western world may recognize him through the vigilante movement “Occupy Pedophilia,” that entraps gay men and boys through fake social media profiles under the guise of meeting other LGBT youth.

The book carries the same name and is a form of autobiography of Tesak (written by himself!I suspect the pedophiles are an even more protected group. As promised, soon after his release Tesak created “Occupy Pedophilia” — another “social project” aimed at promoting National Socialism and a reason to beat and humiliate people.He claims to fight pedophiles., but more often than not, the targets are gay men.Most of the fuzz is around a drug called Spice – a drug which until recently was legal in Russia.Spice is a synthetic mixture made from spraying marijuana-mimicking designer drugs on innocuous herbs. In November 2013, Tesak announced on Vkontakte that he had left Russia for fear of being prosecuted.Tesak maintained the hanging was merely a dramatization, the flesh of the dismembered captives was beef, and referred to himself as “producer,” “director” and “a creative person.” Strangely, The Russian Investigative Committee claimed the events shown in the video actually did take place.The website of Format 18 where the videos were initially uploaded was closed at the request of an anti-fascist organization and in 2010 the entire group was banned for extremism by the court. I think they will give me five years because the drug traffickers are, as I understand, by our Constitution, a protected social group.There are hundreds of similar videos on Russian social networks.Another public shaming and attack on a kiosk even filmed by national TV stations.They are lured using online dating and social networking for brutal abuse — all videotaped and posted online for other to watch.Some of the men caught on camera actually are pedophiles, but the line for the vigilantes is narrow.

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