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The two broke up for good eventually, but remain friends and regularly hang out.

Bella was spotted getting closer to not one, but two guys after her breakup from Klier.

Puth was unhappy about the rumors and tweeted that he didn’t know about Thorne and Posey.

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So, why is everyone so obsessed with Bella Thorne’s dating history?Maybe because she’s young, beautiful, and came out as bisexual in the best way possible.Take a look at Bella Thorne’s high profile dating timeline, right here.Posey and Thorne confirmed their relationship with a source close to star saying, “Bella really likes Tyler.It’s new, but she hopes it will get to a more serious point.” Well, it didn’t get serious because the couple broke up after a month!Thorne was dating her Shake it Up costar, Kenton Duty during their Disney days, but it was very brief.Her first long-term relationship was with a non-celeb, Tristan Klier.Thorne shared a picture of her kissing a woman named Bella Pendergast on Instagram.So, when a fan asked her if she was bisexual, she tweeted back a simple “yes.” Her tweet received a lot of appreciation from fans for her natural response and her ability to be open about her sexuality on social media.Many researchers focus on one particular form of attraction: romantic love.Researchers have proposed that romantic love includes two kinds of love: passionate love and compassionate love.

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