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Sheen reprised his role as Lucian in the 2009 film, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Rather than being a side character, Lucian took center stage in Rise of the Lycans as the main protagonist, alongside Sonja.

Tatopoulos had a hand in the special effects and creature design for the previous 1 The second Underworld movie was kind of a let down for me. Mitras OK, Nighy is great, movie will be a bunch of suck in shades of blue, grey and black. 3 I spoke with Bill Nighy by chance after watching a movie with my girlfriend. below comment might help you understand story line a little better as to why she could be in it.

I hope that this one will supply a fresh new take on the Underworld movies. We talked about the making of the third installment and I was quite excited to find out about it. 5 I really liked the first two films and im a bit dissapointed that Kate isn't coming back but we got the next best thing Rhona Mitra. I think they might have messed up a little on the story line.

And it’s a true, true love story with real heart so I get to play out all of these amazing things in one character. But we also couldn’t use the same materials so we were without the latex and the PVC so we had to use organic material but keep it as sort of corsety and sexy and tight but also plausible that you could fight and you know go out and be a warrior in it too, so with the poetic license and creative license that you have in the “Underworld” world we didn’t worry about floaty dresses and sort of long flowing hair with sort of widow’s peaks or any of that stuff.

And I think the minute anybody understands that and then the thing that I think that as soon as anybody understands it’s a prequel there’s no further questions.

The stories depict the centuries-old struggle between the two species, which became popular (in no small part) because of the latex and rubber battle attire donned by horror heroine Kate Beckinsale. While Beckinsale will be absent from the new film, Mitra is not taking over her role as Selene.

Mitra: Yeah, because I didn’t know it was a prequel, and so I was in the mindset that I think a lot of the fans or people who don’t know about the fact that it’s a prequel would have been like, really?

Not returning, however, is director Len Wiseman, who is also Kate Beckinsale's husband.

Wiseman is still involved in a limited capacity, but newcomer and long-time production designer Patrick Tatopoulos will helm the film. Form-fitting outfits and mysterious red liquids in crystal goblets! I hope there's some decent character development and storylines about the werewolves to balance out all the ostentatious vampire dreck. 😀 15 alot of fans want selene back but this story is not about her but that doesn't mean she couldn't be in it, or like some fans that argue the fact state selene was not even born yet.

Beckinsale was cast by director Len Wiseman in Underworld, and she suggested Sheen for the role of Lucian.

While filming the movie, Beckinsale and Wiseman became close.

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