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After reading internet reviews I called Visa to cancel my card to prevent further debit card charges.My advice would be that if you want to be part of an event, you should pay at the door after you have checked how many people turned up and pay cash to avoid Cupid ripping you off.I went to a speed dating event recently in central London and left after an hour. Half the women didn't even live in London (one was actually on holiday from America), most were overweight, and very few were professionals (one woman talked non stop about nandos). I came to the speed dating area at 7.59pm and was told it was full and it had started. I contacted customer service and they were rude and just had ridiculous excuses not to refund me. Few of them apparently cancelled the profile before having the chance to rate them. £20 feels quite pricy for what it is, considering all that happens is that you're sat at a table for three minutes with your date and rotate round.The rounds to chat to people are only 3 minutes which is far too short. Few of the girls thought some of them were actor, and in fact they had no profile! That's it - no ice breakers or anything to make the mood more romantic etc. The follow up process was a bit confusing - you need to log in the following day to tick who you want to see again from the event.

A lot of people on here complaining about fake people turning up to events but everyone seemed genuine and friendly. Full of bots, scammers and randoms, it's basically unusable.Having read some reviews about Speeddater, it all made sense. went on a speedating event to find that they had only sold 4 female tickets and 10 male...(even thou they claim a 50/50 split).......told that i could get a free ticket for another event but will be charged £5 for the privalege.........absolute rubbish In just a few days I got like 50 emails and as many chat messages, obviously from scammers (unless 22 years old models are suddenly finding me attractive).The event was less than average - 3 min 30 sec to get to know someone is not enough and we just exchanged boring information like job or such. I've been to a couple of the events and they have been fun.BBC Panorama aired a documentary (Tainted Love: Secrets of the Dating Game) on 29 July 2013 largely targeting the commercial practices of the company and the ICO has launched a formal investigation against the company.The documentary is available on You Tube and stats show that hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video so far.I logged in on their website and they charged me the following months for a subscription I never intended to sign up for.I tried to get my money back and they claimed that I had accepted their "terms and conditions" I ended up calling my bank and canceling my card to stop the monthly billing.That's without mentioning the scam emails, fake profiles and low turnout at the event, essentially paying £20 for a host and spot in a bar which they surely get free Avoid avoid avoid these illegitmate scamming liars I signed up and thankfully didn't pay a penny.Immediately I started receiving messages about gorgeous women who had "winked" at me.For all I know half of the girls there were scammers too anyway. However the website is unusable as a dating site as it is full of scammers and webcam girls looking for business. They lie about what they do and tell you they will tick you yet you never hear of them again. The actual speeddating night was ok and to be expected, but when you get a match and you submit your ticks, you have to carry on messaging your matches through the website?Also think carefully about what their "80% get at least one match" mean. The Speed Dater people haven't responded to my emails and don't seem to care about the problem. I googled the picture for one of the people and saw her "acting/modelling" profile. Why cant you just get a mobile number of your matches, i know, so they can grab more money off you! Some really nice people there, had a fun evening and several of us found a date 2.

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