Raymond lam tavia yeung dating

Nobody in the school dared to pick a fight with him.

Min Ho once harbor the aim to be a famous soccer player.

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Min Ho’s dad played the kind role, while I had no choice but to be the strict mum. Although our family was not wealthy, we tried our best not to disappoint our children and gave them about 100 thousand won as pocket money each time. Instead, he deposited them into his savings account.

Min Ho then often said to us: “If I’m able to rise in popularity in the entertainment circle, I will give dad and mom an even more precious gift.” Lee Min Ho (16 to 19 years old) The apartment that we are residing in now is in fact provided by Min Ho.

After Min Ho signed the contract with his current management agency, he immediately gave us the entire portion as the rental deposit for the new apartment. He became a part-time model for a fashion magazine after he entered high school, with a daily salary of 50000 won.

He first started learning Hangul from the colourful advertisements printed on the newspapers.

Min Ho who was enthusiastic towards reading newspaper, cultivated a habit to read the commentary articles on the children newspaper and daily papers when he entered elementary school.

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