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But when you come back in a relationship, you really have to protect it to some degree.It just makes getting to know everyone a little different and it makes it harder to be there because, for me, when I’m in a relationship it’s really hard to be away from that person.The remainder of the course involves checkpoints reminiscent of each duel elimination.Mark & Landon felt like the missions were pretty easy and Landon says that he would rather lose to Brad than anyone else on the show.First aired June 17, 2009 The reunion was hosted by Maria Menounos and was taped at the MTV Studios on June 9, 2009.Cast members that attended were Landon, Evan, Rachel, Brittini, Aneesa, Kim, Dunbar, Brad, Tori, Diem, Mark, Jenn & Paula.And while Veronica has fallen in love again, not much is known about Rachel's affairs and relationship.Each player has to cross from one side of a river to another using a rope.

It was definitely hard, though, to go back and be that much older. I think what it ended up showing me was a reflection on gender.40-year-old MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which also features David Giuntoli, winner for three times, Veronica Portillo thrilled viewers of MTV series by coming back to its 30th season.What may be the reason for Veronica's re-arrival for the Challenge: XXX after seven long years? Well, we know whom should Veronica thank for her return in the reality show Challange: XXX.Each player then rides their bike up a mountain side to the third checkpoint, "Back Off." Players have to chain themselves to an iron ring, and have to team up with a player of the opposite gender of their choice.AE: I really want to know, what do you all do when you’re not participating in these challenges?And having been the only same sex team and seeing the natural dynamics forming in the house, it was very clear that the men in the house have this camaraderie that doesn’t really trickle down to the women with other women. I have a girlfriend that I’m very serious with and that in and of itself makes it very different when you’re coming back to these challenges.Last time I came I was single and kind of had nothing to worry about.Hey, people, now stop being too curious and know that the reason behind Veronica Portillo's return to show is nothing other than her rumored girlfriend Rachel Robinson.Turns out Veronica belongs to similar, if not exactly same, category as celebrities Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne.To know why Rachel Robinson is the reason behind Veronica re-arrival in the 30th season of the Challenge: XXX, scroll down.In the set of the Challenge: XXX the heart-throbbing secret of Veronica and Rachel's personal life has been revealed.

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