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Authorities are not saying what was in the videos, but attention began turning toward Dr. That was in 2004 and also in 2004 Mary was found to have health problems.

She has also been diagnosed with arterial venous malformation (AVM) – an abnormal collection of blood vessels and vascular formations that cause migraines, leg weakness, and complications that require specialized medical treatment and observation.

I believe that psychological abuse is every bit as traumatic to a child as physical abuse and often has longer lasting results.

Born into a failing marriage, custody disputes and allegations by the age of 7 and 8, then on the run between the ages of 8-12. However this works out, whatever has been done to the child, a full investigation needs to be done and the child will need professional care. They contain pictures of the mother, the stepfather, and of the child. The dispute allegedly spilled out into the neighborhood street.

By the age of 8 there were more complaints of abuse and by this time there were complaints of violence against the mother.

Michael Hild had spent time in prison on burglary charges, and in Feb. August 21, the Angela Hild dropped her 5 year old son off at school in Dayton, Ohio. Police say their investigation showed this was not a mother who would not show up to pick up her son. A license plate disappeared from a vehicle in Cresent Springs, Ky and that plate would show up later. 23 Hild’s vehicle was involved in an accident in Melbourne, Fla. When police attempted to stop his vehicle, they say he got out and pointing a gun at the officers he fired. On Hild’s vehicle were the plates that were reported stolen in Cresent Springs, Ky.And she also submitted a videotape that put her care of the child in question.Going on the run doesn’t solve the problem, it just adds problems. A woman doesn’t show up to pick her child up from school in Ohio A stolen Michigan license plate in Cresent Springs, Ky A robbery of a Fla.pharmacy A car accident in Mlbourne, Fl that ends in a police shooting The Background Michael (43) and Angela (37) Hild married in 2001. However after 6 months she dropped the divorce case. And in college she talked and wrote about her life.700The remains have been identified as Angela Hild. She was born in 1996, the same year that her parents were divorcing or got divorced. By the time she was 7, her mother had filed a complaint of sexual abuse against the father.However, authorities were unable to substantiate that complaint.Something that would be impossible to provide on the run, never knowing when they would have to run again.A child with physical health problems needs a doctor who is familiar with the child’s medical history and access to their previous health records. If the child was not subjected to sexual abuse, then she was subjected to the trauma of psychological abuse and alienation of her feelings toward her father.However, it has never been proven that the father was abusing the child.The mother moved the child to Colorado during the second investigation effectively stopping the second investigation.

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