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There was another Sardar with him and I wondered who he was.He was tall, muscular and dare I say pretty darn handsome.When I got back on campus, I was excited to see everyone again and quickly made my way to Devlin for practice.After catching up with the rest of the team, Binni gathered us to the center.

15 minutes later as I look at the clock and realize I’m sweating, I decide to give in and tuck in my wrinkly, caved-in larh. You know being a Sardar you can have a lot of strange experiences, which are always heightened when interacting with inebriated individuals.He then proceeds to repeatedly bang his kara against mine while yelling “CLANK IT!” It was as if we were two stone aged barbarians who didn’t know the same language and had to communicate using grunts and sign language.Good Keertan, but the new Tabalchi hasn’t quite gotten in sync with the main Raggi.One visitor says, “Langar is first class, daal was amazing, but rotis were a little dry.” Got an old pugh? Has your saliva messed both ends of the pugh to the point that you can’t even keep the tail in or your lahrs are now a two tone grey and white?At this point, I have no clue what to do besides stare at him.He suddenly yells “CLANK IT” again and, being mildly amused this time, I enthusiastically thrust my right arm out and you can hear the clanging sound of two metal objects banging together…he then walks away into the sea of people… To date I have no idea what his name was or where he was from, but he has provided me with hours of entertainment and “clanking it”, a noble soul indeed.If we wanted to be competitive for Bhangra Blast, I needed to be ready.My parents were a bit puzzled by my sudden interest in competitive dancing, but I assured them it was a hobby and my grades were up to par.I knew I wasn’t doing that well, but I still had the rest of the semester to improve.Binni was eager to get ahead of our competition so he asked that we all come back a day early from break.

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