Professional black women dating

As a black woman myself, I took great interest in the topic. The article began with a question, “Why do Black athletes marry white women? This question was asked via Twitter by Redskins team member, Lyndon Antonio Trail.

Upon first reading it, my heart instantly dropped into my stomach.

As a proud, black woman, I am angered and saddened by the fact that a “brother” does not appreciate his own community, seeing white women as the only woman capable of properly taking care of a man.

The divide between black men and black women has become apparent over the years.

From celebrities to average, every day black men, this fetishism of white women is common.

From slavery to segregation to modern day institutionalized racism, it has been made apparent that whiteness is desired over blackness.

From billboards to dolls to businesses to TV and so on and so on, white people are advertised all throughout the country.

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