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• April 9, 2014 AM "If the US agencies knew of and exploited this bug, then why all the legal wrangling with lavabit for their SSL keys?

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This means that anything in memory -- SSL private keys, user keys, anything -- is vulnerable. EDITED TO ADD (4/10): I wonder if there is going to be some backlash from the mainstream press and the public.

• April 9, 2014 AM "Update the certificate like in requesting a new one based on the same public key is not enough, because your private key might have been stolen.

Renew your public/private key pair and then request a new certificate." Yes. • April 9, 2014 AM @Boris 'pi' Piwinger Fefe has a nice piece on that on his blog. mon=201404 Basically: It was added by a T-Systems employee (biggest telecommunication company in germany and mostly owned by the state...

With microsoft, the nsa even has an enormous advantage: Microsoft itself claims that it had to give important design information of the crypto libraries to the nsa for reviewing. So the nsa might know the windows sourcecode, but we do not, thereby the nsa has it very easy when they make exploits for microsoft crypto functions.

I see that one can (illegally) get parts of the windows 2000 sourcecode on piratebay Perhaps by looking at that, one can tell what the nsa key really is for. (Mohan B) In order to fix #64710 at this very late private\inet\mshtml\src\core\cdutil\genutil.cxx: // HACK HACK HACK.

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