Principal intimidating teacher

But teachers still have to somehow find the time and energy afterward to teach the subject matter they were hired to do. It's little wonder, therefore, that teachers in inner-city schools have a higher rate of absenteeism and turnover than their colleagues in the suburbs.

It's also not at all surprising that teachers who are faced with the challenge often find themselves drawing away from their students.

Are the mortgage brokers, big banks and financial industries getting demeaned every five seconds?

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You suck, your school sucks, and we are just biding our time until we can shut the whole thing down."Sigh...) And every time you hear the insults or name-calling you think to yourself, "Well what the heck are any of doing to help these kids..." The unfairness of it all burns.Now stretch that one terrible week into nine months. Of course, the great irony is that as the powers that be complain about "quality" teachers they create teaching environments where it becomes impossible to great.And don't forget the politicians and their horrible education policies.Surely no one reading the news is believing this baloney, are they?Oh, and if you really cared, you'd do this willingly and for free.And stop asking for paper to make copies or books for them to read, you greedy teachers.Teachers at my old school started to look liked the walking dead as the stress and fear accumulated.The increased "accountability" robbed us all of the very qualities which would make us great teachers: our passion, kindness, drive, energy, camaraderie and humor.And then there are people, like our lovely mayor, who seem to enjoy kicking you while you're down.Rahm would have us believe that something like extending the school day is so easy.

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