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Just choose the .xdelta file for the patch, the clean rom for the source file, and then choose where and what to name your output file in the output area. Hello, thank you so much for tokimeki, i played it and really love it : D.

Btw I tried to join the forum but it said that I need to activate my email but I check the inbox and turn off spam but still don’t get the email. Thank you Thank you SO much for this Patch 🙂 I really enjoy playing this “game” because of the cute guys XD, but its not the same if you can’t understand what they’re saying so thank you for translating it!

We do hope you guys enjoy the game and thank you all for waiting patiently! (Always in the apply section and my lap has enough memory for the game) I don’t know what to do anymore. I already know how to patch and have the emulator, but I can’t find the game anywhere. Sorry, but we can’t give you the link to the actual ROM as it is copyrighted material. Do you happen to have a link that could guide me step by step? You can find our specific instructions on this page : And here’s my instruction too, in case you’re confused with that one : First, Google “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season rom”. will give you a higher chance of having it pronounced. Just pick a name you like from the list and type it in!

Finally, one small reminder: Under no circumstances, will provide a links to ROM downloads, so please do not ask. I will be grateful for eternity if you could reply -.- I’m really happy you guys made a patch because I’ve wanted to play this game since I first saw it in Japanese when I was like twelve. Sharing it would constitute as piracy which could lead to a whole chain of events that could lead to the website getting shut down. Google should give you plenty of links to choose from. (Unless your name is really short, like Ann.) I’d give you all-the-name-list, but I can’t see to find it anywhere XAX ACE~~~ : Your comment is awaiting moderation. These are the ones that are voiced by the guys~ You don’t use them together!

I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your schedule to translate otome games. And it’s perfectly alright to get stressed out a bit. I’ve been learning a little Japanese by myself but can barely read Tokimeki at all! Thank you thank you thank you thank you~ Thanks so much for translating- and yes… I’m doing everything required (“perfect date.” He asks to extend the date but we end up at the beach questioning each other awkwardly), and I didn’t activate Best Friend mode either. This happened twice, but I only have the file for the last time. um5pov5qs349t4g I have to tell you guys, I love you to pieces. It was getting a little stressful with finiahing my final pieces of work for college and sitting my exams, but now that’s all over! I recommended this game to a friend of mine and we are both very grateful for all of the time and energy you put into it. It works just fine with an emulator on PC, but as soon as I try to start the game on my DS it tells me “System File Missing”. Yes, they are, tried using every existing emulator but only had any sort of luck with Ideas (even tried using Ideas’ older versions but without success). Guess I’ll have to play it when I’ll have another computer around or something. x_x I’m sure you’ve made come true a lot of fangirls’ dream. As a fan of the first game I was quite interested in this sequel.

To be able to go in through all the scripts and translate them all is something that I cannot imagine XD What I really want to say throughout this post is thank you~ ❤ for taking out time from your life to translate this. I know you’ve all heard this soo many times XD I just wanted to thank you guys personally, for all the hard, tedious translating you’ve done for us and the many all nighters I’ve pulled over this game since the released final patch 😀 I’m eternally grateful. I stalked this site from the day I heard there was going to be a translation for 2nd Kiss! And you’ve given me the perfect thing to curl up and relax with~ Thankyouthankyouthankyou! ~ I’m such a happy girl right now 😀 Thank you very much, you guys are really awesome! I am from germany and I thought I’d never be able to play an ontome game until I’ve learned japanese But… fullfilled my wish, thank youu Q__Q ♥ Playing these kind of games is beautiful and I fell in love with Saeki-kun since the first second, haha 😀 *mutated to a fangirl* So than, just wanted to tell you how thankfull I and many other friends of mine are (: (Even if it can’t be shown in words… I think you are doing such an amazing project, I always played otome games and told people about them, but lack of the language barriers, other friends and fans cannot play them. After the first time I finished the game and I started a new one (= continued), I can't use the phone. Thanks for the help though, and wish all the best for the team. Thank u sooo much guys, you made a fan girl’s dreams come real ! Wow, this came out like the day before my birthday. I’m not really sure if that’s the proper place I’m writing but I didn’t see the error page or anything of that sort where I should write this: I’m having a fundamental bug with my patched game whereas trying to access the internet option from your schedule control panel the game seems to crash (huge black bar on the right side, huge white blank bar on the left.) and nothing happens then.

So I’m buying an R4 (For Japanese patched games only- I refuse to cheat Nintendo out of any money.).

I wanted to know if I could just add the patch to my R4, or if there was something else I needed to do. I’m not sure if I’m reading this right — but you have to put the patched game in your R4, not the patch alone. Maybe I have to do that to have the phone numbers..? Aaahh, I’m really sorry for my bad english, really sorry!

XD You can see screenshots of it in the detailed how-to here : There’ll be an ‘Open’ button beside the patch, source file, and output area.You can try using boost your computer’s performance if this is the case, and see if it helps it! First off, I just wanna say how much I appreciate the all the work you all have done. I can’t put the xdelta file into the bar that says “Patch”.It’s SO great to actually understand what’s being said! I try to click and drag it in there like I did with GS1, but it doesn’t work. I extracted the to its own folder and everything…Am I doing something wrong? Just use the xdelta UImod that comes with the patch package, it’s the 80kb one =D The patch is indeed in .xdelta form.(Google this too, since it’s free) Make sure the file that you’ve extracted from the rar is 256mb. For example, choose your desktop, and type in a name you want. In a few minutes, you’ll find your TMGS2on your desktop and ready to play! Once you’ve downloaded one, extract it with winrar.Next, open the xdelta UI mod that we’ve given you in the patch. Please come back if you have any problem and we’ll try our best to help! That’s a program too, so if Windows tells you it doesn’t know what to do with the file, get Winrar. Patch : Choose the .xdelta file that you’ve downloaded from us Source file : Choose the ROM you downloaded Output file : Choose somewhere you want your patched rom to be.I can’t wait for Tokimeki Memorial 3rd 🙂 And I hope you guys finish that one soon because I’m so anxious to play it (The guys look even hotter in that one XD) Wow,so you’ve already started with the 3rd story translation project?! Btw, I just finished with all the major endings of the 2nd kiss guys. 🙂 Sorry to bother you, Bbut it seems like I’m having a problem during dates with Hikami.Once again,thank you so much for taking the time to translate such a woderful game 🙂 Thank you so much for translating this! Whenever we start a date and he switches over to the touchscreen side, the game freezes. I’d just like to thank you guys for your hard work on getting the game translated! I’m having a problem though – I can’t get the game to work on my Acekard. Been waitin’ a long time for this baby and it’s totally worth it. /fail Thank you very much for all the work you put into it and for eventually overcoming all the difficulties one goes through while completing a fantranslation.There’s a step by step guide here as well as here : . And I still can phone to him, neither to Shiba who also has a bomb now. Actually, I have never phoned any of them cause I search to especially seduce Waka-sensei, but I was always coming to home with guys when I was able to and I’m always nice, coming to the attraction park with Onada-san and friends, etc. What you actually need to do is ask Yuu for information.You need to get the rom which is a biiit cheating Konami, but if you want to show your support, you can buy the game before or after you get the rom 🙂 Then you apply the patch to the rom and then place it onto your R4! First I have to say that my english is kinda bad so sorry for that… huhu~ The problem is : I saw that I was low in the heart of Saeki while asking to Yuu-chan informations. The board where I should choose a boy to call is empty, I mean that all the parts of the bord have an empty face with no names at all, like if I wasn’t knowing anybody… I have waiting, hoping it will works next days, and again, and again… Instead of choosing evaluation, choose “Guy’s Information” or something when Yuu asks you what you want to know.I need to have the file and know what’s being said. I know no$gba gives the same issues as the first game(mail freeze), but besides the sound, it works perfectly fine in Desmume.Each guy has five endings, so it can virtually be any of those. It sometimes has graphic issues in emulators, but Desmume should have the least. Yes, I have tried using other emulators too but I couldn’t get them working unfortunately (it’s probably too much for my ancient pc to handle, so they don’t even start even though i Dea S works reasonably fast).

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