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Most of the apps are geared towards the i Phone, because the idea is that you take pictures and manipulate them immediately.

Others are either universal or are built for the bigger screen on the i Pad.

Photo Gene has every option that you could reasonably expect of an i Pad photo editor, and it's good value, too.

It is, however, let down by its user interface, which at times had us tearing our hair out in frustration.

You can create your own presets from adjustments you've made.

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If you're ready to commit to your changes and export a full-size version of the image, you can do that too, just as easily.Put it together with the i Pad Camera Connection Kit and you have a very portable digital darkroom.02.Photo Gene - £1.19 Works with i Pad Filterstorm is an example of what can be achieved editing photos on an i Pad, but Photo Gene could have been even better.You can then choose to either keep the whole image monochrome, paint the monochrome onto the colour image or paint colour back into the monochrome version.When you've got a look you're happy with, you can save it as an Automation, which records the steps taken up to that point and enables you to apply them to other images, in a similar manner to Photoshop's Actions. Tap the clock icon and roll back through previous versions of the edited image until you find the one you want; each one is named with the applied effect.Regardless, there's plenty in Photo Gene to get any photo editor's juices flowing.You'll find numerous preset effects and enhancements, including the ability to add a reflection underneath an image; a text function that allows you to add speech bubbles and other splashy callouts; and a decent framing tool.Now that the i Pad has gained a couple of cameras, you can be sure that there will be more apps designed to take advantage of both its cameras and larger screen.For this top 10, we've narrowed our focus to include only those apps that enable you to edit your photographs after you've taken them.Unfortunately, some of the preset filters - with Posterize, Painting and Comics being particularly guilty - are garish in the extreme.However, others, such as Lomo and Noir, are better.

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