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Fields concluded presenting evidence in an arbitration in which he seeks millions of dollars in damages against Relativity and Ryan Kavanaugh for fraud and breach of contract." But the Fields accusers say they decided to speak up now in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, which has prompted women across the industry to recount stories about powerful men harassing women with impunity.Film producers, many of whom spend their careers traveling the world on movie shoots and attending film festivals and other events, often are placed in situations where they can abuse power with little professional oversight.One day, with multiple witnesses on hand, Fields suggested that Dixon needed a sex toy.She immediately walked off the Times Square set, called her CAA agent and lawyer and complained, she says. But no one inside Relativity wanted to be the one to call Ryan Kavanaugh.The suit goes on to claim that Fields quoted uncompetitive terms, which prompted the producer to opt for another distributor.The film was subsequently released with another distributor and was successful.spoke with and who complained internally about being sexually harassed by Fields during his five-month stint as Relativity co-president.The conduct described in the documents ranged from unwanted touching to inappropriate sexual comments to streaming X-rated material on his phone in public areas of the company's Beverly Hills offices.

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He would show photos of nude women on his phone in front of women, who were all aghast." Fields began his career at CAA in the late 1970s.He said Fields would talk about his penchant for hookers openly in front of women in the workplace.Fields is said to have asked the male staffer to join him on a trip to Cuba.I just kept it to myself even though I knew other people were talking about how creepy he was and all the things he was saying to them.I was clearly not the only one." A third woman, a lawyer for the company who asked that her name not be revealed, also says she had unnerving encounters with the executive.Veteran Hollywood executive and producer Adam Fields sexually harassed women while he was serving in various capacities at Relativity Media from 2010 to 2016, according to multiple people who shared their accounts with .Three women — a lawyer, a prominent screenwriter and a junior executive — told similar stories that include being touched inappropriately, sexually propositioned and subjected to lewd behavior by the onetime co-president of production.Another source says Miramax received complaints about Fields' behavior and eventually severed his freelance relationship with the studio.Still, Fields remained in good standing with Kavanaugh and in April 2016 was hired as Relativity's co-president of production.According to the documents, one major talent agency said it would no longer work with Fields at the time.Unlike most of the other sexual harassment claims sweeping Hollywood over the past month, these allegations come at a time when the accused and his former employer are locked in ongoing litigation, which Fields' lawyer Dale Kinsella referenced in response to the claims.

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