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Main ARRAY initialization, to store any content ARRAY. Give names to fields in order to […] Read an History file with a Live key Use the program EB. To achieve this, I’ve splitted the tasks in several steps: 1. EXK Return Escape EXK Return When editing a record: insert VM & SM separator Place the cursor between the two values and strike: Ctrl ] Insert ] value mark Ctrl \ Insert \ subvalue mark […] Get detailed date time information: * Time HH: MM: SS DD MMM YYYY CURRENT. FLD is the field that should -once populated- trigger a routine, and VALIDATION. Multiple utilization examples such as: – once field […] Quit Editor after multiple select After a SELECT EDIT / jed, to quit the editor: Escape ! On top […] JBase-Basic allows the definition of functions, like in any standard programing language. 9 37.15 HYPE SPT […] (to be used in a version) STANDARD.

It works with ranges of categories, and borders can’t be modified once authorized. A “delta neutral” management consists into fitting an option position with an FX Spot equivalent to compensate changes in risk induced by the option. These products do indeed play the same role, namely an interest rate cap (cap) or floor (floor). The above examples are based on […] This document describes present functionality’s of the PM module. Fiduciary Orders are automatically pooled by the […] CORE ACCOUNTING Main table: CONSOLIDATE.

[…] Various commands to manipulate date and time DATE() returns the system date, compared to TODAY which returns T24 date (banking date). GROUP […] This document describes different tables used to setup the Fiduciaires within T24/Globus. Groups are based on […] Note: this applies to releases before R6 Mapping The mapping process is launched in phantom mode using DE. TYPE Overview (parameters) This module […] List of Securities Concat Files Starting with a client code from CUSTOMER.

The valuation model used for the European style currency options (vanilla) is Garman-Kohlhagen. CONDITION Declaration of the various groups identified . This especially for PHANTOM programs you don’t want to launch in INTERACTIVE mode. For instance, currency options are ”derivated” […] Swap module documentation SWAP Data Model SWAP. PARAMETER Overview (parameters) Example of IRS deal capture (fixed/floating) Detailed Marked to market Impact of an IRS on FX Position Tips & Tricks on some strange messages / crashes SWAP Data Model Overview of tables implied in Swaps module implementation: top SWAP. Create a new program, after having chosen the applicable type* b.

This illustrates the various equivalences to convert a price in % to pip or vice versa.

Main relation rule : Premium in pips = strike / premium in % x 100 Premium in % = premium in pips / strike / […] When a new DX.

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