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"What we believe they do have the ability to do also is to expel them from sanctuaries in their country.They may not be able to actually drive them to the negotiating table, but they can help and they can eliminate sanctuaries in their country where they currently operate," he said."I understand it's a delicate balance for Pakistan.We want to do all we can to support them in that effort, and we have provided an enormous amount of assistance, monetary and otherwise, to the Pakistani government."We've had a number of discussions with our Pakistani partners on expectations for change and expelling terrorists from areas in which they've been allowed to operate," deputy secretary of state John Sullivan told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan.He was responding to questions from lawmakers expressing concerns over Pakistan's approach fighting terrorism. Our suspension of security assistance continues until we see more evidence that they are in fact taking action," Sullivan said.He said the US has been in discussions with Pakistan but there has been not a "sufficient amount of action" from it against terrorists.

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We hope the Pakistanis will also help to convince the Taliban to enter into a peace process," he said.

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