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that's if you want.] Don't tell my dumb mom this but I need to spred the truth of God being fictionul on the internats and speak out agenst the capitulists destroying America.Also I didnt updaet yesterday becauz my mom forced me to go outcide and play with my annoyen brutter Pit. They were fancy aufentic geek sandels from zeppeli zanauti that cast my mom 00.I razed my han.d"yes Pittoo" she said."if humens came from two peple wouldnt all strait relantionsips be incess?"my teacher had no ansor for that so she give me a ditentun and an f on my test."hahaha! Christens alreedy rule dis kuntry becuz of donald trump and son all Athists will goto deaf panels!

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Only u can stop him b4 he dose evil stuff their.""ono.""right this is the hardest thing u ever done even harder than ur englesh test last month.

Viridi told me about some dumb Christens who thought the raptor was cuming and I laffed. CHAP 2: PITTOO MEATS CHARICTURSthe smash manshon was a really big hoose with like a trillon roms and was alota stories tall I was intimanated by how big it wuz. It was like a robot except a persan was in it."hei their handsum boi," the robot person said."u think im handsum," i scof."yea ur the hottist boi ive ever cena."I thought it was Mastur Chef from Hallo but it wasnt but I didnt kno that so I klosed my eyes an mad our with the robot persan but when I open them its not Mastir Cheef but SAMAS ARIN! " Samas said "anf im a Christen so I want 2 convert u or else u will go to hell for bein gay."then Samas tried to rip me she took of my toga (I had a shit under so I wasnt topliss) adn my skirt which had skin tit shot-shots under it so I still wasnt nekkid."go awei! Luckily Link and Math and Bayenetta wear nearbi so they git hoses and ran up and came b4 it was to latte."stop being a strait conservativ Samas" Bayenetta said."yea, were feminasts so we want u to thik of the conseqiunces of ur on actins" Link said."but im a strait so im a anti-femanast and im not gonna lissen to u. butthen Marth grabbed Sams with his betti spaghezi arms and through her in teh boat off the mansen."r u ok" he asked.

"hahahhaha I triked u in too thikning I was a dood but im a gril" samas said."why do u do dis! He kissed my hand romanticlee."yea sorry I maed u do that""its ok Samas is a conservativ so she hadit cuming" Match said. He was like if the looks of Dorean and Chirs Effins were combined with the genus of Barock Oboma and Stevfin Colbear. My hare was short and blak and really silky."u hat conservativs to" I asked."yea me and Link and Bayenetta r all discovfered the wok of Darwin and becum Athists" Marth said."cool can I meat everyone elsa" I sad."ok" so I climed on Marth's hose and rod to the manshun and went in side.

Gam & Wetch and Rosalinda (who was Samas girlfrend b4 they both turd strait frum a govermint vakscene by Miek Pence). [if you've noticed, i have decided to bring in characters from smash 4 into this story to include the ones that are dlc.

while this is parodying mishonh from god, there might be a good chance of some additional chapters as well. [i will admit, making up fake notes about the protagonist's life reminds me of roleplaying with yourself.

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