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They might be ordinary people but they sure like to get crazy and we've got the proof.Indians and their video cameras, what can you do other than watch the edited version of their romps in the such.Our relationship had been cemented, as they say, in less than 20 hours.One day in June 1988 we were married in Chelsea Register Office, the place where rock stars tie the knot.

You can watch but please do not tell because they have a reputations to upholds.It was all those things which took me one morning to Johnny the Fish, who happened to introduce me to his secretary: Alex Mc Arthur.After dinner we went back to her flat in Kensington.It was never going to last with Alex, and a couple of years after marrying we were divorced.Mine was winning three Michelin stars, and that ambition came before everything else in my life.When the meal was finished I did have a speech to deliver: “I’ve got to get back to work.” When Alex gave birth to a daughter in September 1989, I was delighted at becoming a father, but emotionally I was all over the place.I hadn’t been encouraged to talk about the burden of grief, and because I was severely underdeveloped when it came to sharing my emotions I mustn’t have been the most communicative husband.I wasn’t good with women, but that didn’t stop me trying.All of a sudden there I was, married to a nice middle-class girl.His dark hair, stylish vintage clothes and lean body make him appear as if he just stepped off an old Yardbirds album cover, circa 1966.“I thought that was pretty funny.” Offstage, Farrell exudes a mild-mannered quality unbecoming of a typical rock star.Sitting outside Java City in Midtown, on a recent perfect Sacramento evening on the cusp of summer, Farrell looked more like a nattily dressed English beat-group enthusiast than some drugged-out veteran of Guns N’ Roses.

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