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DTF in this instance stands for phrases like “DTFilter Out the Far Right” and “DTFoot The Bill.” The campaign which launched on January 2nd “empowers people to redefine the ‘F’ for themselves.” Other examples include: “DTFifty-Five Hour Binge” and “DTFall Head Over Heels.” This campaign also follows Ok Cupid’s groundbreaking “Trump Filter” (thank god) and Planned Parenthood partnership (swag).The campaign will also be available as an in-app experience, where users have the opportunity to respond to over 3,000 questions that will hopefully help them connect with like-minded people (which I’m making staff-writer Dayna Troisi do and write about, ASAP).Based on data published by Ok Trends, a blog produced by Ok Cupid, white gay men respond more often to Ok Cupid messages from other white men than from men of color.They respond to messages from other white men 44% of the time but respond only 37.3% of the time to men of color.

He waits until he meets someone to reveal his real name and racial/ethnic identity because men sometimes stop talking to him when they find out he’s partly Indian.

It’s just not really my thing as I get wildly competitive and territorial during threesomes. That too.) My feels about Ok Cupid swelled to new heights when I came across this ad: For those of you sweet young things who didn’t watch “Jersey Shore” (I don’t know if these Gen Z kids are privy to that bizarre era of MTV? ) DTF stands for “Down To F*ck” and was coined by boardwalk bros with spiky hair and a thirst for spray tans.

I’ve been waiting for DTF to be reclaimed for quite some time, as it has a really nice , don’t you think?

According to Ok Cupid, “These ads are part of a larger movement Ok Cupid is leading to combat the status quo: a movement to elevate substance over selfies in dating app culture and empower users to really know someone. So why not hop on the most progressive (and creative) dating site yet?

And with 22 genders and 13 sexual orientations available for every member setting up a profile, Ok Cupid is serious about attracting everyone to its service.” Look, kittens. Tell us what you think of this fab queer ad in the comments!

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