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Das Registrieren bei und die Freischaltung vieler zusätzlicher Dienste sind kostenpflichtig.

Compared with internet averages, Odnoklassniki.ru's users tend to be under the age of 35, and they tend to be men earning less than ,000 who have postgraduate educations and browse from home.

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The more traffic a site gets, the more data we have to calculate estimated metrics.Aboronok Abraimova Abramenko Abramova Zvarich Zvenigorodskii Zvenyatskaya Zvenyatskii Zverek Zvereva Zverhovskii Zvezdar' Zvichainyi Zvol' Zvoleiko.Odnoklassniki (odnoklassniki.ru) ist eine russische Plattform und bedeutet auf Deutsch "Mitschüler"Das weltweite Online-Kontaktnetzwerk "Odnoklassniki" wurde im Jahr 2006 gegründet und bietet jedem registrierten und angemeldeten Benutzer - vor allem Freunde, Schüler, Studenten und Arbeitskollegen - ein individuelles Profil zur Eigendarstellung mit Texten, Bildern in Fotoalben, Videos, Gruppeninformationen, Freundeslisten, Forenbeiträgen, Mitgliedersuche u.v.m.The focus of OK is reconnecting with classmates and friends that users may have lost touch with over the years, so the search parameters are quite detailed.This trend is far from true in Russia, however, where over 15.1 million users visit Livejournal each month – over half of the site’s total traffic.Alan Joseph Ansen was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised there and at Woodmere, Long Island.Through Auden's friend Chester Kallman, Ansen met Cannastra and hence Kerouac, Ginsberg and Holmes.…The site is particularly popular among users in Uzbekistan (where it is ranked #2), Kyrgyzstan (#4) and Georgia (#4).The programming language used on the site is Java and the main language used for the site's textual content is Russian.Much like Google , Moi Mir (“My World”) is an extension of the Internet/e-mail provider (which also owns both OK and VK) and has perhaps struggled to find its unique niche Over 16.6 million people use Moi Mir each month to share images, music, and videos, as well as to play games and meet new friends.Much like VK, OK allows users to create a profile, search for friends, and share status updates and images.

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