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All of this material had been recorded by the spyware and remained on Cline’s old laptop, which Reetz-Laiolo now had in his possession.

Remember the root of the legal conflict is a claim of plagiarism, with the nature of the relationship between Cline and Reetz-Laiolo playing a role.

In their response, Cline’s attorneys indicated Reetz-Laiolo, who is 13 years older, was emotionally and physically abusive and the spyware was installed to see if he was cheating on her.“Legal complaints are public record, and, basically, they’re saying, ‘Hey, if you don’t give us what our client wants, we’re going to put this very personal information out into the open, and the whole world is going to know the inner workings of your sex life and your sexual history and every proclivity that you have.’ ”“[H]er lawyer tried to excuse the inexcusable by raising aspects of the parties’ sexual history,” Edward Normand, the lead lawyer on Reetz-Liaolo’s team, said in a statement.“Only then did we respond, as lawyers must, describing why her claimed defense was inconsistent with the relevant facts.” But Cline’s attorney, Carrie Goldberg, still saw something more insidious in the inclusions of such salacious material in the draft complaint.But whether Cline had “engaged in random sexual encounters with strangers she met on Craigslist” or “frequently participated in sexual chat groups in which she, inter alia, posted pornographic ‘selfies’” or “authored pornographic ‘stories,’” is pretty much irrelevant to the instant case.Zealous representation to one side, Cline’s attorneys see an ulterior motive in including such scandalous revelations in a draft complaint: “I’m not going to speculate about their motives, but it was content that was completely inappropriate and ludicrous, just based on how sexually graphic it was, to put in a complaint,” Carrie Goldberg, who specializes in representing victims of revenge porn and other forms of harassment, and is one of several attorneys representing Cline in the case, told me.“[E]vidence shows that Cline was not the innocent and inexperienced naïf she portrayed herself to be, and had instead for many years maintained numerous ‘relations’ with older men and others, from whom she extracted gifts and money,” the section began.What followed were thirteen pages containing screenshots of explicit chat conversations with lovers, including one in which Cline had sent a naked photo of herself (the photo was blacked out in the letter) to a boyfriend, explicit banter with people she’d met online, and snippets of her most intimate diary entries.She even called out David Boies himself on the issue, who was personally involved in the case: During the sole in-person negotiation discussion between Cline’s attorneys and Boies Schiller, Goldberg explained the concept of “slut-shaming” to David Boies, who, according to Goldberg, claimed to be unfamiliar with it.“I never, in any scenario, could have imagined publishing a novel would have resulted in a bunch of lawyers combing through records of my porn habits, or choosing which naked photo of me to include in a legal document.Whatever independence I gained, as a writer and as a person, felt meaningless in the face of this kind of onslaught.” As one might imagine, with such raised stakes on both sides, a compromise was impossible to reach, and last week both sides filed a complaint against the other party alleging wrongdoing.Two major Apple shareholders are calling on the company to do more to protect children from the potentially harmful side effects of excessive technology use.In a letter delivered to Apple on Saturday, representatives from the California State Teachers' Retirement System and the investment firm Jana Partners LLC urged the tech giant to address the " growing body of evidence " that suggests frequent digital-device use can have "unintentional negative consequences" for children and teens.

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