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The NCNW was founded to harness the organizing power of Black women to gain access to better jobs and to seek social and political equity for African Americans.

My project will allow you to make historical connections to some of the themes Bey sang about in her album Lemonade, and learn a bit about the joy of Black women’s organizing power across the diaspora. Finigan is a Brooklyn expat currently pursuing her Ph D in American History at the University of Chicago, with a focus on African America and women’s history.

Please welcome a cadre of Urban Studies fellows from U Chicago to talk (quickly!

Along with her scholarly pursuits she is a self-styled TV critic, watching copious hours of TV across all platforms.

She also enjoys letter writing and listening t A quiet, parochial town at the beginning of the twentieth-century, by the 1980s Mexico City had become the largest city in the world.

) on a fantastically diverse set of topics about the world we live in.

This different format consists of two sessions of 3 or 4 ultra-dense, 5- to 8-minute presentations back-to-back.

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