My daughter is dating a convicted felon Norego sexy

He's changed his life around and he is doing everything he has to do to live his life the right way.

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Well, her mom hit the ceiling when she told her that she is dating a man with a felony record.

Whether the court would award it depends on a lot of things -- only a few of which I am mentioning: 1) your relationship with the kids -- from the sounds of it there is not one but will there be; 2) what your felony is; 3) how it relates to endangering the children.

It is possible that your existence in mom's life could cause dad to win custody.

I run a stable home, I have no criminal history, I've never even gotten a ticket.

However, when my ex husband cheated on me, I hacked his ex girlfriends facebook and email to keep tabs on whether or not they were contacting each other still. He says that he'll tell her about it and get her to press charges against me so that he can get custody of my daughter.

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  1. That is on my ur opinion and it is not a very good one, how old are you 20 or older? ok guys lets not get into a heated argument everyone has their different opinions and does it really matter that much !??!! I know a bloke who was 16-17 and he was sleeping around with younger girls under 16 i bet if anyone found out he'd be in trouble he might be in prison now i dont know.