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Their strength lies in the tradition and craftsmanship of the production method, which preserves the aroma of the ingredients, and produces extremely tasty and all-natural drinks.

In 1887, master winemaker Francesco Mionetto opened the winery in Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Prosecco area, just north of Venice.

Cramele Recas is a premium wine estate located on the far western fringes of the Romanian region of Transylvania/ Banat.

Founded in 1998, Cramele Recas is Romania’s largest exporter of bottled wine- their 960 hectares harbour 19 grape varieties.

We have successfully launched over 600 brands to date!

Our wineries and partners offer a diverse range of exciting, quality-driven wines that use cutting-edge wine-making techniques.

This led to a stronger presence in the region and allowed the cooperative to grow and modernise and subsequently enter the sparkling wine market with the most modern techniques.

It was originally established and is still deeply rooted in Conegliano, with indelible traces of a centuries- old winemaking heritage that has moulded the heart and soul of one of the most charming and evocative landscapes in Italy.

The group’s historic headquarters are located in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Today, the Henkell & Co.- Gruppe supplies all relevant categories of sparkling wine from its own estates.

Bodegas Paniza is located in Paniza, Cariñena, and specialises in the production of aged Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva wines.

Their 2,500 hectares of vineyards are the highest in the area at 850m above sea level, bringing ideal cool temperatures in the summer.

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