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The result is as if you had just originally sampled your signal at the higher rate.The interpolation factor is simply the ratio of the output rate to the input rate.It is usually symbolized by “L”, so output rate / input rate=L.Tip: You can remember that “L” is the symbol for interpolation factor by thinking of “interpo-L-ation”. Since interpolation relies on zero-stuffing you can only interpolate by integer factors; you cannot interpolate by fractional factors.

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This idea is appealing because, intuitively, this “stairstep” output seems more similar to the original than the zero-stuffed version.

Compared to the straight-forward implementation of interpolation by upsampling the signal by stuffing it with L-1 zeros , then filtering it, you save memory by a factor of (L-1)/L.

In other words, you don’t have to store L-1 zero-stuffed “upsamples” per actual input sample.

The design problem is formulated as minimization of L error of filter bank transfer function in passband, stopband interval and at quadrature frequency, and then Lagrange multiplier method with fractional derivative constraints is applied to solve it.

The proposed method is then successfully applied for the design of two-channel QMF bank with higher order filter taps.

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