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It contains the names of the accredited agencies, the status and validity of their accreditation.SINGAPORE - The police will closely watch dating platforms in which younger "sugar babies" are matched with older, wealthier men and women, Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee told Parliament on Monday (Feb 5).It is suspected that someone has committed fraud by claiming to be an MSF field worker. In these six cases, the inquirers or their friend met the suspected scammers on social media or matchmaking platforms, for instance Lovestruck,, We Chat, Linked In and others. Due to various reasons like a completion of contract, early discharge from mission or falling sick etc., the scammers asked for the inquirers’/their friends’ help to receive a piece of luggage or a parcel on their behalf; or for their money to pay for their extra luggage fees, luggage customs charges or a covering deposit to help pay for return travel from field projects.

"First the surrounding areas were hit, then the roads leading into and out of the city, then hospitals, water supplies, residential neighbourhoods and rescuers’ equipment."But what is of greater concern is that the site targets young people who are in their late teens and early 20s, even while they are still students at polytechnics or universities," he said of The Sugar Book.The platform, which started operations in December 2016, had sparked concern after it was cited in news reports saying that it wanted recruit more "sugar babies" in Singapore with promotions targeting undergraduates.They are abusing the public’s kindness and the name of MSF.Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has received a growing number of inquiries from people in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the past few months about individuals contacting them on online dating platforms or social media, who claimed to be working with MSF at the front line asking for financial support for various reasons.MSF has passed some of these cases to the Hong Kong police with the agreement of the people who contacted us.MSF offices in Beijing and Taipei have also received inquiries about some people claiming to be MSF field workers saying that they were raising funds to establish an MSF foundation or to build a new hospital.If money is being exchanged for sexual services among users of such sites,the police will take action under the Women's Charter, including possibly against the website and its owners, he said.He was responding to questions by Mr Seah Kian Peng (Marine Parade GRC) and Ms Tin Pei Ling (Mac Pherson), who wanted to know the Government's position on Malaysia-based dating platform, The Sugar Book.We recently received inquiries from members of the public in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan, saying that they or their friends have been contacted by people claiming to be field workers of MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders) through social media (like Facebook or Linked In) or dating platforms (like Lovstruck).They were asked for financial help, such as a request for a covering deposit to help pay for return travel from field projects.

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