Ms access linked table not updating

What I needed was to connect to CDC-EBLEY2-7,1433\SQLEXPRESS so others could open the MS Access file and NOT get errors.This is strange, because 1433 is the default port any way – but it works.

I should mention that this is a maintenance problem, as this database was complete and used in previous competitions, but the user needed it to be slimmed down.

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It isn’t but it is quite convoluded on how to get this done.

So my question boils down to, how can I tell what happens when the form closes? In a nutshell; a form will save directly to a table if that table is selected as the record source for the form.

If this isn't enough info, please let me know what you need. By doing so allows for the controls (textbox, combobox, etc) to be linked to the fields in the table.

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