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There are a number of plaques and markers throughout the cemetery to help locate and describe some of the notable graves, including: [10] Colonel Jacob Arnold Owner of Arnold's Tavern, Washington's 1777 Headquarters December 14, 1749 - March 1, 1827 Captain, Light Horse Cavalry Morris County East Battalion John Canfield (or Campfield) 1755 - September 25, 1845 Private, 2nd Regiment NJ Militia Silas Condict 1738 - 1801 (Note that the 1825 death date on Member of the Provincial Congress, N. February 19, 1738 - January 10, 1777 Colonel, Eastern Battalion, NJ Militia 1776-77 Owner of Ford Mansion Built Gun Powder Mill in 1776 Buried with Military Honors Jonathan Ford November 9, 1733 - July 12, 1817 Theodosia Ford September 13, 1741 - Died August 31, 1824 Widow of Colonel Jacob Ford, Jr.Hosted General Washington at Ford Mansion during Winter 1779-80 Morristown encampment Joshua Guerin Died April 11, 1808, Aged 70 Sergeant, Morris County Militia House is at entrance to Jockey Hollow John Gwinnup 1749 - January 15, 1777 NJ Militia Timothy Johnes Jr.Upon arriving in Morristown on January 6, Washington made his headquarters at the tavern of Jacob Arnold, which was located at this site.Several other buildings and churches in Morristown were utilized by General Washington's army during the 1777 encampment.

The other is a sculpture called Patriots Farewell that sits atop a fountain on the West Park Place side of the park.

This was followed the next week by more American victories at the Second Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton.

After the victory at Princeton on January 3, 1777, Washington and his army headed to Morristown.

By that time, there were two stores on the first floor: Adams & Fairchild Grocers, and P. The building was razed in 1918 after it had been badly damaged by a fire.

General Washington and his army would return again to Morristown in the winter of 1779/1780 for their second, and more famous Morristown winter encampment.

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