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An inmate escaped beyond the walls of the facility on Saturday. Here we go: ******* Kenneth Wilson, age 29, of Kansas City, had been arrested earlier Saturday for possession of a controlled substance. ****** In the booking area of the jail are some holding cells, often used for close observation “if we have somebody on medical watch,” for instance, says Major Holland. The parking lot referred to is still inside the perimeter of the brick wall that surrounds the facility. But Wilson’s pounding the glass with his head knocked the window free from the window frame. Holland says the officer attempted to deploy the taser on Wilson inside, before he had crawled through the window opening. ****** We resume the tale with Wilson now beyond the window, in the parking area of the facility, still within the fence that surrounds the jail property.It was the first time one of the guests had been able to sniff freedom in the history of this detention center, which opened in August of 1998. After he dropped down from the wall--an estimated height of about two stories--he tried to run but was quickly taken into custody at gunpoint by an officer who just happened to be back there switching out his patrol car. Authorities believe at the time of his arrest he was on PCP. These are “observation cells.” Jail personnel went to give Wilson some water or food and the action began. This is on the back side of the administration building, by the way, viewable from Second Street. It isn’t the standard window you and I have in our homes or businesses. “We’ll be looking into reinforcements in that window in the very near future,” the major says. Authorities aren’t sure “whether it struck him or if it was effective. He somehow manages to scale the roughly two-story high wall.***** The last time you were in a Best Buy was there anybody else in there?I mean other than the employees who turn and pretend not to see you so they can avoid your questions that they can’t answer anyway? Remember 20-some years ago when the Best Buy store that was located across from Metro North Mall was a madhouse? Speaking of changing times in the retail industry, change is in the air at Zona Rosa.Of course when he gets to the top there’s no where to go but down.As bad luck would have it for Wilson, he picked the area of the wall that had the farthest drop to the ground--as the land behind the jail slopes off in this area (near the dumpsters), so his descent is estimated to have come from two stories high. So he is descending from the highest part of the wall,” Holland says.

There was always hustle and bustle, pushing and shoving. Those annual revenues are coming up at least 0,000 short, if not more.

I have a hard enough time staying up to date on the social lives of family and friends, so I can’t relate to the desire to be mentally in tune with the personal lives of the highfalutin folks across the pond. Kinda like Best Buy giving you 12 months interest free.

****** I think Best Buy offers you 12 months interest free as a reward for dealing with employees who can’t answer your questions.

And Olshan Properties, the owners of Zona Rosa who in the past have covered the shortage in those bond payments, failed to cover the shortfall in 2017.

A letter of credit was called upon by the bond trustee to cover the shortage.

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