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We are moms 24/7/365 even if we’re at the club having a good time or…Read More This picture is supposed to be Rihanna’s sonogram. Read More Not even vicious tabloid rumors were going to stop Solange Knowles from having “the best day of her” life on Sunday.Yup — after the fibroid surgery CLEARED OUT ROOM IN HER UTERUS . But Rumor Fix can confirm exclusively that neither of those things are true…Read More Did Jhene Aiko go under the knife to “look less Asian”?! Media Take Out published an article on Wednesday claiming the singer has an eye opening surgery in order to “fit in better” by looking “more European.” RELATED: Jhene Aiko Flashes Weird Looking Nipple During…He said “the truth will come out,” and “there’s no DUI.” If the truth is anything like this insane report from Media Take, the 49ers are officially the craziest reality show cocktail in sports.

Now we already told y'all about Rih's PROCLIVITIES FOR WOMEN .

That’s according to that never right website Media Take Out. The singer tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend Alan Ferguson in a beautiful ceremony in Louisiana.

This is what they reported on Tuesday: “Media Take reported a few wekes ago that a ROCK SOLID SNITCH told us that Rihanna was pregnant. But a paparazzo captured a close-up photograph of Solange’s face covered in…

Media Take Out tells readers today that allegedly Jenny from the Block, back on the dating block, is dating pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars.

In a peculiar choice of words, Media Take Out does not refer to the DWTS star by complete name.

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