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It may all sound more than slightly suspect, but sexual surrogacy is based on clinical work carried out in the Fifties by sex researchers William H. Johnson, who embarked on an 11-year study involving 510 married couples, 54 single men, and three single women.

Previously, sexual problems were treated by psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, with low success rates.

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During an initial consultation with a new client, Padma — who has bases in London and Somerset — recommends a client sees their GP to rule out physical causes for their sexual problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.Surrogacy may teach about sexuality, but it does not teach about love or how to maintain a loving relationship.’So what sort of woman volunteers to become a surrogate in the first place?Padma is a former management consultant who decided to transform her life after watching the film Sweet November, in which Keanu Reeves plays an emotionally-inert workaholic.To start with, both client and surrogate may remain fully clothed, focusing on exercises such as touching each other’s hands, arms, shoulders and face.As the therapy advances, the client and the surrogate may build up to removing their clothes, engaging in genital contact and, if necessary and appropriate, full sexual intercourse.But Masters and Johnson developed a two-week treatment programme they claimed was 80 per cent effective.The success rate for the single men who worked with surrogates was 75 per cent.Padma — a slender and strikingly attractive 31-year-old brunette — is used to hearing such accusations, which is why she has agreed to speak openly for the first time about her work in a bid to dispel some of the misunderstandings that surround it, though she would not consent to be photographed for fear of attracting unwelcome attention in public.She argues that although we may live in a liberal age, those with sexual problems seldom have the confidence to discuss their issues openly, even with partners. She and the client meet in a hotel room or rented accommodation for the sessions.Critics, perhaps understandably, dismiss it as morally reprehensible, degrading and, at the very least, of dubious therapeutic benefit.Some have even questioned its legality, although there are no laws specifically prohibiting it.

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