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I don’t think I’m doing too bang up of a job at it; she’s still riding with me. When I see my kids, I see Rayna…and shit, it’s a great feeling.

When she got pregnant that first time, I knew for a minute and just sat on my ass, thinking because of it, I had her in my court. When my Moms disappeared, my focus went to the streets. Now, as an adult, I can explore my beliefs independent of parental influence. Her focus is locked on them…their schooling/childcare, sports, arts, play dates. Love: What does it feel like to look at your children and know they were created with hardcore love? Because when I read them, I’m reminded of my world before my babies.

Love: Rayna’s tendency to run in relationships almost drove you crazy, how does it feel to know you have all of her completely? Pretty much the basics: honesty, being generous (they ‘re at the stage of learning how to share), love your family, respect friends and those around you. It took a lot for me to wait until she knew that I’d learned of the whole story. Love: Why didn’t you give Rayna a title [of girlfriend] to secure her?

I would hope people who interact with me speak kindly of me when I’m not around. Love: And there’s that arrogant smile that Rayna would refer to as Shit! Love: What values are being taught to your children? Love: How important was it for you to have a personal relationship with Rayna’s brother? After she confessed to having this brother who she was so committed to, I wanted to meet him right away.

I needed a change after being holed up in a room with you guys for months, finishing the series.

I offered them beverages, feeling bad that I didn’t have to offer Azmir, who opted for water, and then took my seat to get started. I didn’t want to entrust the weight of those responsibilities to another intern or assistant. And in the time he’d spent with me, my brand expanded immensely. I ushered them to available seats in my small office. I wasn’t expecting an army; only Azmir, but I understood he is rarely ever alone when out. Apparently, the woman was his and is in charge of the photo shoot Azmir had when he left my place that night. He immediately gaited over to me with a newspaper clutched under his arm. As I stood to greet him, I noticed a fourth person behind him; a man, walking through the door with a crate. I don’t think Rayna has read all four books either. Does Azmir’s exit from the “life” also include his exit from their friendship? Love: Why weren’t [the] remaining close members of the Klan included in the house party with Jax, etc? When it’s too much, she knows how to arrange for a flight to come check me. Love: Do you regret the amount of time you are away from your family? I try to make the best out of every business opportunity presented. She had a messenger bag strapped across her small shoulder as she held a portfolio flap with inscribed in gold on the front. He was wearing a pewter, v-neck sweater displaying his muscular upper-frame and black fitted dress pants. He was on a call, but smiled that brilliant smile when our eyes met. Okay…let’s get started with these questions or we’ll be here all night. Love: I love the way you just tossed your hand in the air.

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